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Voyage Connect

We’re approached by a global travel agency that organises unique journeys all over the world. They were interested in creating a travel application that will connect fellow people across the world who share the same interest – travelling.


Our new client is a very popular travel agency that organises tours and trips across the globe.

They’re famous for their unique activities and memorable experiences. They’ve approached us in a need of an application that will help their clients meet other fellow travellers and connect people that think alike.


From a design perspective, our main goal was to create an application that will emphasise the fun and memorable adventures that Voyage Connect agency is all about.

Knowing how difficult it is to engage with millennials and Generation Z, our experienced team was set with the task of creating a one of a kind experience for their target group. We wanted to create a platform that will allow its users to share their travelling experiences with other people, to share their favourite places, favourite food and cultures and also allow them t communicate with other users.


Working together with a Voyage Connect’s team, we’re on a mission to create an engaging application where perspective travellers can share learn about some new places

Working with Voyage Connect to create a new digital experience was very exciting. We listened to their needs carefully and incorporated their requirements into the application successfully.