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Veggie Delight Pal

We’ve crafted a brand new mobile application for one of the world’s top vegetable producers. Our client approached us in a need of an iOS and Android app called Veggie Delight Pal. 


Veggie Delight Pal is a family-owned and operated business that has become the largest grower and shipper of all kinds of organic vegetables.

Being involved in the entire process of growing and selling their products helped to quickly become an industry leader. Besides their website they wanted to create a mobile app through which their customers will be able to order premium vegetables and have them delivered at their door.


The research process was the most important step in achieving a successful mobile app.

We needed to make sure that Veggie Delight Pal was an accurate reflection and representation of their brand and also be able to follow their growth through the years. We conducted a thorough and deep analysis of their business and had interviews with their stakeholders to identify and to get a better understanding of the priorities and requirements they have. Veggie Delight Palbeing an industry leader, we needed to prioritize the strategic planning of the design of the app.


Our main goal in this project was to make right messaging on the app that will help users to get a better understanding of the product and also to educate them of the high quality of the products while engaging them into purchasing.

We kept the layout and navigation very simple to make it more intuitive to navigate. We take pride in creating a beautiful mobile application, but also very user-friendly and approachable for their target audience. We were able to deliver on the goals of our client and develop an app that is built to suit their business perfectly.