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Timeless Trend Hub

We were on task to create an ageless mobile application for a lifestyle focused blog. Our client is behind Timeless Trend Hub, a blog that quickly rose to fame because of its creative and unique content.


Our client wants to always be one step ahead of everybody, that’s why she approached us with an idea of creating a lifestyle mobile application.

Well, she came to the right place. Our client has created a blog for generation called baby boomers and she’s very dedicated and passionate about providing content suitable for her target audience. Following the path of digitalisation, she was in a need of a timeless and attractive mobile application that would invite her audience to live to the fullest. 


Our client required a mobile application that would properly reflect the right message that stands behind her blog, called Timeless Trend Hub.

During our research and interviews, we held with our client, we’ve got the sense of her potential target audience and their shopping patterns. Keeping Timeless Trend Hub’s top priorities in mind, we started to put together a structure for the app that would emphasise all their articles and banners. We structured the app in the way to engage the users and encourage them to browse through the articles which will make their time on the app longer. 


In the end, we succeeded in creating a joyful mobile application made for iOS and Android systems.

Our client, Timeless Trend Hub, is more than happy with the outcome and the attractive design of the app. We focused on creating a design that will attract users to read articles and affiliate products. We utilized a neutral colour palette with a pop of red as an upbeat accent color. Also, we included an elegant font pairing and liberal use of whitespace that lends to an upscale and sophisticated feeling.