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Study Stream IQ

Brand new app for learning your favourite school subjects on the go.


Our partners, that we’ve worked with on multiple projects have come to an idea to create a new, contemporary studying app that will allow its users to choose from hundreds of subjects and study on the go.

They employed us to create a brand new Study Stream IQ app to help millions of people enrich their capabilities.


Besides mobile application design and development, we helped our partners start a digital campaign, to raise awareness of the new app coming onto the market.

By using targeted, high impact digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, they have reached their target audience. We designed a mobile app that feels fresh, fun and vibrant while keeping the design simple and authentic.


With a vibrant design, users quickly go from one stage of the learning process to another.

Your dashboard gives you insight into your progress of learning a certain subject in all segments (reading, speaking, writing). We must admit that Study Stream IQ was extra fun to design and develop, we had a strong belief in the app itself and its powers of helping people across interact and learn something new in a fun way.