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 Launching a revolutionary new product that will take the market by storm.


BeatSync approached us to create a brand new mobile app and web platform that will allow their users to enjoy their favourite tunes online. 

They wanted to be able to provide an online platform based on the subscription model that enables their users to listen to their favourite artists and create their playlists that can be accessible by other users.   


We’d set ourselves a challenge with this project since we didn’t want it to be a regular music app, we wanted it to be all in one, from karaoke, over music mixer, to song finder

Heavy attention was paid to the technology and its benefits, all housed under a calm, relaxing visual style. Due to the level of interaction planned for the site, we wanted to ensure that the mobile version was just as feature-rich. All elements, interactions and animations were designed and built mobile first giving the user a dynamic and immersive experience.


BeatSync’s success lies in a seamless and engaging user experience.

We build strategies around your goals and objectives through user-journey mapping, technology architecture and bespoke integrations. Working within the BeatSync’s brand guidelines, and requirements of its founders we were asked to design a simplified user interface with a much more contemporary feel that will attract users and let them enjoy their favorite music.